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Upcycled Lighter Sleeve - Shamrock - Green on White Denim

Upcycled Lighter Sleeve - Shamrock - Green on White Denim

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This custom batch of Upcycled Lighter sleeves features the SEEKJOY logo in green on the front with a four-leaf clover on the back. We've only got a handful of these available!

Made from remnants of irreparable, landfill-destined jeans we're super stoked to offer these little lighter sleeves on a limited, small-batch rolling basis!

Each up-cycled sleeve features is designed to fit snuggly over a standard BIC lighter. The embroidery and sewing is done exclusively with 100% solar power.

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Please note! These are small-batch and we're only able to make as many of a specific fabric & color-scheme based on what we come across intercepting usable fabrics before they are discarded. The quantity available of each style is the final quantity - we may come across similar fabrics in the future but we will not be 'ordering' specific fabrics etc.


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